• Northants RAYNET
    Voluntary Emergency Communications

Northants RAYNET

Voluntary Emergency Communications

You maybe asking why is RAYNET still necessary? Surely with mobile phones, internet and satellites, old fashioned radios are out dated and no longer useful.

Sadly this is not the case, in any terrorist or major incident the first thing to become clogged and overloaded is the mobile phone network rendering it useless.

Flooding and natural disasters, not only can knock out the local communications infrastructure but also power and other utilities.

The Police, Fire and Ambulance have their own independent system running through the mobile telephone network however this does not communicate with the all the other agencies that are required and what should happen if this fails?

Northants RAYNET provides a standalone portable and mobile radio communications infrastructure, enabling access for any of the emergency organisations to get their messages through.

Whether this is via voice or data we provide a bridge between all the organisations to ensure the job gets done.